• LTE--EM7305
  • LTE--EM7305


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Product Description

Product Description

Sierra Wireless AirPrime ® EM Series embedded modules deliver high speed connectivity with a variety of advanced air interfaces, including LTE frequencies, around the world.

Their PCI Express M.2 form factor allows easy integration into smaller and thinner mobile computing devices like tablets or ultrathin laptops. The EM Series are optimized for low power consumption, to enable longer battery life. These modules support Windows ® 7, Windows ® 8, and Linux operating systems. 


Condition: Used

Key Features

  1. Available for LTE, HSPA+ networks
  2. Available in PCI Express M.2 form factor
  3. Supports Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Linux operating systems

Key Benefits

  1. New M.2 form factor ideal for smaller, thinner devices
  2. High-speed cellular connectivity with the latest technologies and multi-operator support
  3. Optimized for low power consumption, enabling longer battery life


Product Info.:

 Air Interface:



Frequency Band:

   LTE 2100(B1),1800(B3),2600(B7),900(B8),800(B20)

   WCDMA 2100(B1),1900(B2),850(B5),900(B8)

   GSM Quad band


Qualcomm Chipset:MDM9215



   Regulatory: CE/GCF-CC

   Carrier Approval: Vodafone, Telstra


Service:Support Sierra Wireless AirVantage management service




Temp: -40C~+85C

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