•  LTE mdoule--MC7354
  •  LTE mdoule--MC7354
  •  LTE mdoule--MC7354

LTE mdoule--MC7354

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Product Description


MC7354 is sierra wireless launch a based on LTE, UMTS, GPRS, EVDO, CDMA  wireless module of multi-mode multi-frequency, using qualcomm MDM9615  baseband chips, mini PCIE encapsulation, small volume, light  weight.Support FDD_LTE MC7350, UMTS (WCDMA/HSDPA/hsupaare/HSPA + / DC -HSPA +, GPRS, EVDO, CDMA network system.Support data, voice, SMS, GPS, and  other functions, widely used and notebook, netbook, wireless router, wireless POS terminals, wireless network card, video monitoring, vehicleterminal industry such as application, but also support 2 g / 3 g free switch.



Product features:


Support LINUX, WINDOWS, the android system

Use the USB communication, support the AT command control

With a standard PCIE encapsulation convenient debugging and maintenance

Support for multiple mode switch, manual switch

The built-in PCP/IP protocol, support PAP and CHAP authentication

Automatic identification of supporting a variety of SIM card

Support automatic dormancy, save power consumption

Support the SDK function, high integration products, provide perfect 


development guidance document

Certification is complete, convenient marketing

MC7354 model for sierra wirelessLTE / 4 g MC series one, certification is 



Product description:

AirPrime MC7354 embedded wireless module is easy to integrate all kinds of 


equipment, such as netbooks, laptops, and desktop computer, through the 


LTE and ev-do networks to provide high-speed wireless connections

Module using the latest generation of high-speed mobile network (download 


speeds up to 100 MBPS, upload speeds of up to 50 MBPS), combined with GPS 


performance, can also support Linux and Windows, android

Main features:

Support voice

Downstream speed as high as 100 MPBS, upstream speeds of up to 50 MPBS

Multimode capacity to ensure that the connection and support roaming

The appearance of standard simplified engineering and reduce the 


production cost

Support the Gobi API

The comprehensive and Linux and Windows SDK, android support software

Support multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) applications for the 


convenience of LTE

LTE: 1900 MHz (B2), AWS (B4) and 850 MHz (B5),

700 MHz (bl3), 700 (B17) MHz, 1900 MHz (B25)

WCDMA: 2100 MHz (B1), 2100 MHz (B2),

AWS (B4) MHz, 850 MHz (B5), 900 MHz (B8)

EVDO: 1700 (BC10) MHz, 800 MHz (BC0), 1900 MHz (BC1)

GSM/GPRS/EDGE: support all frequencies

Solid documentation, development tools and consulting services

Solid support equipment integration and verification

Main advantages:

Support voice

High performance, reliable module

The most advanced technology and support integration

Ease of integration

Advanced features and performance

Small size, light quality

Antenna diversity increase additional functionality

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