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AirPrime® WP8548 Specifications



General Features

The AirPrime AirPrime WP8548 is an industrial-grade LGA 239-pad module. Its wireless modem provides voice and data connectivity on the following networks:



GNSS functionality is also available:

 • WP8548—Standard feature In addition to modem features, the AirPrime WP75xx/AirPrime WP8548 also embeds several cores for maximum flexibility and security for embedded software execution, including:

• A Telecom Core that natively manages 2G (WP7502/WP8548)/3G/4G (WP75xx) modem features

• An Application Core dedicated to customer applications, natively provided with Legato Application framework.

The following tables detail the bands/connectivity supported by the AirPrime WP7502, AirPrime WP7504, and AirPrime WP8548 Physical Dimensions and Connection Interface


The AirPrime WP75xx/AirPrime WP8548 module is a compact, robust, fully shielded and labeled module with the dimensions 

AirPrime  WP8548 Dimensions:


Parameter Nominal Tolerance Units
Length 23.00 ±0.10 mm
Width 22.00 ±0.10 mm
Thickness 4.352 ±0.203 mm
Weight (with label) 4.2 ±0.1 g



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