Cinterion GPRS/GSM module-MC37i

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Product Description

Product Description

The new original MC37I, there is a need, please contact

CINTERION MC37I GPRS module replacement TC35I MC39IMC37i GPRS module Technical Features
Small size, light weight
Class 10 GPRS mul -channel
Low power consump on
Support data, voice, SMS and fax
SIM Applica on Toolkit
AT command set controls
Cer fica on R & TTE, GCF Cer fica on
SMS: MT / MO / CB / PDU mode
Audio: maximum speed, promo on maximum speed and half speed
Easy integra on

MC37i GPRS module electrical characteris cs
Supply voltage range: 3.3 to 4.8V current consump on:
3.0 mA (sleep)
10.0 mA (idle)
300 mA (call up to 2.0 A)
100 μA (power failure)

MC37i GPRS module output power
- 2W- Category 4, for EGSM 900
- 1W- category 1, for GSM 1800

MC37i GPRS module mechanical proper es
Dimensions: 35 x 32.5 x 3.1 mm
Weight: 6g
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to + 55 °C (GSM 11.10 standard)
Data features: CSD maximum reached 14.4 kbps, USSD, opaque mode
Decoding mode; CS 1,2,3,4
GPRS: Maximum 85.6 kbps
To-end protocol stack
MC37i GPRS module interface
50-pin connector:
- Power Interface
- SIM 1.8 / 3 V Interface
- Standard RS232 bi-direc onal interface
- Analog Voice Interface
--50 Ohm antenna connector


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