• Cinterion GPRS/GSM module-BGS2-E8/W/E
  • Cinterion GPRS/GSM module-BGS2-E8/W/E

Cinterion GPRS/GSM module-BGS2-E8/W/E

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Product Description

interion (formerly Siemens) were published on February 14, valentine's day 2011 of the world's smallest - BGS2 GPRS module, it is used for voice and high-speed GPRS data of M2M solutions to the global minimum of the LGA (welding plate grid array) module.

The ultra compact modules designed for large capacity products, very suitable for small M2M devices.

Cinterion (formerly Siemens) have take the lead in development and launched a highly effective and reliable the LGA surface mounting technology, make the automatic M2M application of advanced technology products to meet the most demanding requirements. Today, BGS2 represents a close communication (NFC) used to simplify equipment, sensors or a GPS receiver and the main application of micro controller directly link to the latest technology trends in the development, to be implemented to help reduce the total cost of ownership. Like all Cinterion module, BGS2 conforms to the most stringent industry standards, to obtain the comprehensive type certification (FTA) and the world's largest operator of certification, to support the global function and realize the product to market.

Cinterion (formerly Siemens), executive vice President, Norbert Muhrer, said: "BGS2 M2M module is one of the world's most compact surface installation. We've been able to come from 20 years M2M feat unmatched reliability integrated into a highly compact design. According to a wide range of market and customer feedback, we have to improve the function of the most striking, offer or four double frequency band selection, make it become the most flexible on the market and one of the most economic module."



At present, the module has two versions, one is BGS2 - E (two) spectrum and BGS2 -w (four band), all versions are included within the TCP/IP protocol stack, and have ~ + 40 degrees - 80 degrees of industry using the environment temperature.



The module main parameters is as follows:

1. Size: 18.8 mm x 26.7 mm x 2.7 mm, the size is similar to a SIM card, very suitable for the GPRS module size requirements of the equipment;

2. The temperature ranges: ~ + 40 degrees - 85 degrees, is in the northeast and northwest

3. The internal support TCP/IP protocol (support transparent transmission), FTP, ICMP and DNS etc;



The main features of the module is as follows:

1. The frequency bands:

GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 4 frequencies, 850/900/850/900 MHZ

UMTS/HSPA + 5 frequencies, 800/850 / AWS / 1900/2100 MHZ

2. The size and weight:

Dimensions: 33.9 mm x 50 mm x 3.1 mm

Weight: close to 9.5 g

3. The speed (amazing) :

Downside: maximum speed 14.4 megabits per second

The upstream speed: maximum 5.76 megabits per second

4. With GPS function;

5. Interface:

A. 80 pin surface plate interface, and the Cinterion MC75i compatible;

B. USB2.0 at full speed

C. 1 digital audio analog audio and 1 road

D. a serial port maximum speed to 920 KBPS

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