Cinterion WCDMA module--PLS8-E

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Product Description

PLS8-E PLS8  GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS USB2.0 LTE 4G Module 100M 100% New&Original Genuine Distributor  JINYUSHI STOCK


Cinterion (SIEMENS) is a cellular machine to machine (M2M) communication module in the field of global leader, with the incomparable M2M engineering technology and the localization of the global customers to provide strong support, high-quality GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/LTE products.

Cinterion (formerly SIEMENS) industrial products to provide scalability, compatibility, convenient path for future upgrades, as well as the expansion of technical needs brought about by the new features. Its products have the maximum flexibility, rich functions, easy integration, forward and backward compatibility, can ensure that the solution is stable, high quality, high cost, cost savings for your technology investment.

Cinterion PLS8-E is an industrial grade and cost optimization of 4G FDD-LTE communication module, the speed demanding products of wireless connection to the industrial system, downlink rate of up to 100Mbps (LTE Cat3) uplink rate and 42Mbps (HSPA+). Video surveillance, cellular routers, asset management and other fields.

PLS8-E product parameters:

Band: LTE (20,8,3,1,7) / 3G (8,3,1) / 2G (8,3)


Size: 33 x 29 x 2.3 mm

Ambient temperature: - 40 C to + + 85 C

Software version: 1

Data transmission: LTE Cat3 downlink rate 100Mbps, HSPA+ uplink rate of 42Mbps

Hardware interface: LGA pads antenna, USB2.0 fastest 480Mbps, high-speed serial port, digital audio interface, ADC/DAC, dedicated multiple GPIO

Package: LGA

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