• Telit gprs module--GL868-dual V3
  • Telit gprs module--GL868-dual V3

Telit gprs module--GL868-dual V3

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GL868-dual V3

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Product Description

Detailed Product Description

* GL868-Dual V3
* Ideal for Industrial application
* Dual band GSM GPRS module 
* Compact LCC package desige 

GL868-Dual V3 GPRS module

The new GL868-DUAL product introduces the smallest GSM/GPRS surface mounted module in the market. GL868-DUAL is a dual band 900/1800 GSM/GPRS device in LCC castellation packaging with extremely low power consumption, extended temperature range and compact profile.

The low profile and small size of LCC castellation package combined with a very low power consumption enables the design of very compact applications with increased autonomy. Since connectors are eliminated, the solution cost is significantly reduced compared to conventional mounting.

Additional features such as integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, serial multiplexer and Remote AT commands extend the functionality of the application at no additional cost.
The GL868-DUAL makes it possible to run the customer's application inside the module, thus making it the smallest, complete SMT platform for m2m solutions.

All Telit modules, support Over-the-Air firmware update by means Premium FOTA Management. By embedding RedBend’s vCurrent® agent, a proven and battle-tested technology powering hundreds of millions of cellular handsets world-wide Telit is able to update its products by transmitting only a delta file, which represents the difference between one firmware version and another.


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