Telit gprs module--GL865-QUAD V3

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Product Description

Cheaper Lelit embedded SIM-chip quad band GSM GPRS module GL865-QUAD V3


The GL865-QUAD V3 is a quad band GSM|GPRS module based on the latest release of Intel's 2G cellular chipset, protecting our customers' design investments with longterm availability. This variant features VQFN packaging in lieu of LCC castellation of the original GL865 but maintains full pad-level compatibility with previous models, thereby providing a direct replacement path for applications based on the highly popular and widely deployed GL865-QUAD.


The product is highly recommended for new designs requiring quad band GSM|GPRS coverage in a compact and robust QFN package delivering easy integration and reduced impact on final application costs. An embedded SIM-chip is also available as a mounting option.


Cheaper Lelit embedded SIM-chip quad band GSM GPRS module GL865-QUAD V3


Cheaper Lelit embedded SIM-chip quad band GSM GPRS module GL865-QUAD V3Cheaper Lelit embedded SIM-chip quad band GSM GPRS module GL865-QUAD V3

 Key Benefits

  • Automated manufacturing process friendly product in its small footprint

  • Ideal solution for applications in security alarm systems, automated meter reading, and POS terminals. Battery friendly operation with 1.8V GPIOs

  • Easy to bundle-design with Telit's GPS or GPS|GLONASS receivers for applications requiring location awareness such as fleet management and track-and-tracing

  • Complete SMT platform for m2m solutions running the customer application inside the module with embedded Python Script Interpreter

  • Over-the-Air firmware update by means Premium FOTA Management

    Family Concept

    The Telit GL865 family features a compact LCC castellation (VQFN for the GL865-DUAL V3 and GL865-QUAD V3) packaging conceived to offer a quick-ramp path for application developers needing to start with very-low volumes in manual or semi-automated assembly with the use of the GL865-DUAL or GL865-QUAD quickly moving to low-cost, fully automated assembly lines with the GL865-DUAL V3 and GL865-QUAD V3.


    Global quad-band coverage. Limited operator coverage in North America due to 2G footprint reduction policies.

    Cellular-based Geolocation Service - m2mLOCATE

    m2mLOCATE is a Telit cloud-based service that provides a device's position based on observed cellular Cell-IDs.

    Accessing a database of over 40 million cell-IDs globally, m2mLOCATE can provide a position for every use-case including indoors/underground, outdoors, and boundary situations. For devices with GNSS capability and a view of the satellites, m2mLOCATE provides a position while the GNSS makes a more accurate fix. In the event satellites are not visible (e.g. deep indoors or underground), or the device has no GNSS apparatus, then a position is still provided based on observed cellular signals.

    With m2mLOCATE, Telit modules are able to retrieve their position using cellular network information and in urban and rural areas, identifying signals to obtain Cell-ID-based positioning under any condition.

    Telit's m2mLOCATE is a service developed in partnership with RxNetworks, a leading provider of Location Based Services (LBS) with an extensive resource portfolio which includes Cell-ID and Wi-Fi access point databases; and Ephemeris stream files. 

  • m2mAIR Ready

    This product is capable of supporting the extensive suite of m2mAIR value-added services and connectivity you can use to enhance your application and boost your competitive advantage.  

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